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This collection offers open books and textbooks from many sources. An open textbook is one that can be freely viewed, downloaded, and self-printed.They may also have non-restrictive licenses that allow for customization and derivative works. Browse the full list of books, view the textbooks provided in the subtopic folders listed below, or use the 'Filter' function to narrow your search using keywords.

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  • K-12 Open Textbooks (90)
    This subtopic includes open textbooks from OGT+, CK-12 FlexBooks, and a variety of other sources.
  • OGT+ Print on Demand Books (101)
    OGT+ open textbooks offer you the option to purchase a commercial quality print-on-demand copy of textbooks that have been reviewed by the University Press of Florida. Some OGT+ textbooks are also supported by Web-Assign online homework services.(click to view details and books)
  • WebAssign Supported Textbooks (4)
    View open textbooks supported by WebAssign online homework, testing and resources.
  • InTech (4,799)
    Publisher of open access books in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine (STEM). Please note that the majority of the items in this collection are added in 'chapter' format from the available InTech books.
  • Open Course Library (39)
    The Open Course Library is a collection of shareable, course materials. This includes open textbooks, syllabi, course activities, readings, and assessments designed by teams of college faculty, instructional designers, librarians, and other experts. OCL materials are created by faculty from Washington State.
  • Saylor Fundation (0)
    The Saylor Foundation ( provides a collection of free and open college level textbooks and courses. When availabile, links to supporting Saylor Foundation open courses used in conjunction with Saylor open textbooks are also provided.
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Blueprint for Success in College and Career

A free, Open Educational Resource, Blueprint for Success in College and Career is a students' guide for classroom and career success. This text, designed to show how to be successful in college and in career preparation focuses on study skills, time management, career exploration, health, and financial literacy.

Status: Live|Last updated:June 21, 2022 9:34 AM
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Principles of Microeconomics Hawaii Edition

An adapted version of the OpenStax Microeconomics open textbook, expanded with examples and concepts that are relevant to students at the University of Hawai'i.

Status: Live|Last updated:June 15, 2022 2:28 PM
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Mathematics for Elementary Teachers

This book will help you to understand elementary mathematics more deeply, gain facility with creating and using mathematical notation, develop a habit of looking for reasons and creating mathematical explanations, and become more comfortable exploring unfamiliar mathematical situations.

Status: Live|Last updated:June 15, 2022 11:06 AM
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Human Nutrition

This textbook serves as an introduction to nutrition for undergraduate students and is the OER textbook for the FSHN 185 The Science of Human Nutrition course at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa. The book covers basic concepts in human nutrition, key information about essential nutrients, basic nutritional assessment, and nutrition across the lifespan.

Status: Live|Last updated:June 15, 2022 9:46 AM
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A Comprehensive Outline of World History

The structure of the work is innovative. Each chapter covers a period of historical time (e.g. a century). Sections within chapters describe what was going on in every geographical region of the world; each section provides a reference for that region in the subsequent chapter, i.e. in the next time period. The reader can thus get a snapshot of the entire world at a point in time by reading one chapter, or can follow the history of a region through time by linking to sections in successive chapters. This modular, linked structure is ideally suited to web-based online implementation, especially to the Connexions platform. I am pleased to make this content available on Connexions for the enjoyment and enlightenment of everyone with an interest in the history of our world.

Status: Live|Last updated:May 22, 2022 11:36 AM
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Calculus-Based Physics I

This book is a physics book, not a mathematics book. One of your goals in taking a physics course is to become more proficient at solving physics problems, both conceptual problems involving little to no math, and problems involving some mathematics. In a typical physics problem you are given a description about something that is taking place in the universe and you are supposed to figure out and write something very specific about what happens as a result of what is taking place. More importantly, you are supposed to communicate clearly, completely, and effectively, how, based on the description and basic principles of physics, you arrived at your conclusion.

Status: Live|Last updated:May 22, 2022 11:19 AM
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Syria and the Palestinians: The Clash of Nationalisms

This book brings home the message elucidated even in the literature of the Arab League of States—namely, that its members constituted several states but only one nation. Thus, all the league’s members who were sovereign states, with the exception of the Palestinians, coexisted in this mythical framework of equal representation and rights. This structure inevitably encouraged the interjection of each member in the affairs of the other in the name of common nationhood. But along the way, as the Palestinians’ struggle took them from one Arab theater to the next, absence of a clear view of Arab nationalism and Palestinian particularism led to the tragic battles of Amman, Beirut, and Tripoli. This book offers a modest explanation of this loss of vision on the part of Syrians and Palestinians alike.

Status: Live|Last updated:May 21, 2022 4:24 PM
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Producing Open Source Software: How to Run a Successful Free Software Project

This book is meant for software developers and managers who are considering starting an open source project, or who have started one and are wondering what to do now. It should also be helpful for people who just want to participate in an open source project but have never done so before The reader need not be a programmer, but should know basic software engineering concepts such as source code, compilers, and patches. Prior experience with open source software, as either a user or a developer, is not necessary. Those who have worked in free software projects before will probably find at least some parts of the book a bit obvious, and may want to skip those sections. Because there's such a potentially wide range of audience experience, I've made an effort to label sections clearly, and to say when something can be skipped by those already familiar with the material.

Status: Live|Last updated:May 21, 2022 4:11 PM
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The Archaeology of Traditions: Agency and History Before and After Columbus

Archaeology continues to evolve as a discipline, refining new theoretical approaches that help us to model the past in novel ways. These are exciting times that are providing fresh tools for understanding all of human history and the dynamics that have made the world what it is today. The Archaeology of Traditions: Agency and History Before and After Columbus is at the forefront of applying this paradigm shift to archaeological data sets. I am pleased that the University Press of Florida and the Ripley P. Bullen Series can share in what is certainly an important challenge for the discipline of archaeology

Status: Live|Last updated:May 21, 2022 4:06 PM
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Art and Contemporary Critical Practice: Reinventing Institutional Critique

The essays collected in this volume were selected from Transform, a three-year (2005-8) research project of the European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies (eipcp). Following up on the eipcp’s previous Republicart project (2002-5), Transform supported a wide range of activities, research and exchanges focused on investigating political and artistic practices of ‘institutional critique’

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